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Shanie A.L. Jayasinghe, Ph.D.

Dr. Jayasinghe obtained her B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology. She received her M.S. and Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Southern California. Her postdoctoral studies were completed at Michigan State University and at the Pennsylvania State University. Her research focus is on upper limb motor control and motor learning in individuals with movement disorders. More specifically, she is interested in exploring how different forms of sensory feedback and various aspects of cognition play a role in producing efficient and accurate movement. Dr. Jayasinghe co-directs and teaches Neurorehabilitation I (PT 6286) and mentors a research group (PT 8193) in the DPT program. On a personal note, Dr. Jayasinghe is originally from Sri Lanka and likes to travel and learn about different cultures and cuisines.

Graduate Students

Pramisha T

Pramisha Thapa

Pramisha Thapa is a PhD student in the Rehabilitation Science program at the University of Minnesota. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy from Sikkim Manipal University, India. She is originally from Nepal and is a registered PT back there. Having worked as a Physical Therapist in Nepal for some time, she developed an interest in studying movement deficits in individuals who survived neurological disorders like stroke, cerebral palsy, etc. Her hobbies include painting and spending time outdoors and hiking.

Undergraduate Students

undergrad 1

Samantha Timanus

Samantha Timanus is a 3rd year undergraduate student pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science at the University of Minnesota. She is interested in research that uses motion-tracking and eye-tracking technologies to assist in rehabilitation of those with cerebral palsy due to stroke. She works to develop algorithms that analyze data about the movement of patients. In Samantha’s free time, she enjoys playing trombone and piano, doing crafts, and spending time outside with friends. Her academic interests are in clinical/ medical uses of programming and computer graphics.

Research Coordinator

Lelti A

Lelti Asgedom

Lelti Asgedom is a research coordinator in the MCR lab. She holds a Bachelor's in Biochemistry from Minnesota State University, Mankato. In addition to her current role as a research coordinator, Lelti is driven by her aspirations of becoming a physician. With a profound dedication to research and medicine, Lelti aims to combine these passions to make a positive impact in the healthcare field. Outside of work, Lelti enjoys playing soccer, exploring the great outdoors, and spending quality time with friends.

DPT Students

Tyler Cinq-Mars

Tyler Cinq-Mars

Tyler Cinq-Mars is a 2nd-year grad student in the DPT program at the University of Minnesota. He is originally from Grayslake, Illinois and completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Minnesota, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology. Tyler previously worked in a transitional rehabilitation program with patients that had suffered strokes, spinal cord injuries, or traumatic brain injuries. This opportunity to work within the neurorehabilitation field developed his interest in the patient population and how neurologically impaired individuals coordinate their movements. In his free time, Tyler enjoys playing pickleball, working out with friends, and kayaking.

Abbey Hyland

Abigail Hyland

Abbey Hyland is a 2nd year DPT student at the University of Minnesota. She received her B.S. in Communication Sciences and Disorders from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. During her undergraduate education she volunteered in a children’s hospital where she spent time with children with neurological disorders. In Abbey’s free time she enjoys spending time on the lake and exploring coffee shops.



Kitty Lu

Kitty Lu

Kitty Lu is a 2nd year DPT student at the University of the Minnesota. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology from Occidental College. She is originally from California but has grown to love the snow since moving to Minnesota. As an athlete, she has always been excited to learn how the human body can move the way it does. In her free time, she plays rugby with the Menagerie Rugby Club and goes on walks across the Stone Arch Bridge with her girlfriend and their dog.


Katherine S

Katherine Sakshaug

Katie Sakshaug is a 2nd year DPT student at the University of Minnesota. She earned her B.S in exercise science from the Ohio State University with a minor in psychology. She is interested in research that focuses on rehabilitation for individuals with neurological injuries such as stroke. In Katie’s free time she enjoys running and going on hikes with her dog.

Tyler S

Tyler Schildt

Tyler Schildt is a second year DPT student at the University of Minnesota. He earned his bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Minnesota, and is originally from Beloit, Wisconsin. Tyler plans to work in outpatient orthopedics or inpatient neuro physical therapy upon graduation. His academic interests include the physiological processes that underlie movement and the ways in which these processes can be augmented in rehabilitation for better patient outcomes. He enjoys staying active and playing sports like volleyball and basketball in his free time.

Lab alumni

  • Michaela Craigan, DPT Class of 2024
  • Katherine Ellis, DPT Class of 2024
  • Emma Herbeck, DPT Class of 2024
  • Jake Van Wyk, DPT Class of 2024
Lab group



  • Rachel Hawe, DPT, PhD Assistant Professor, School of Kinesiology, University of Minnesota
  • Fabrice Sarlegna, PhD, Research Scientist, Aix Marseille Université, CNRS, ISM, Marseille
  • Robert Sainburg, PhD, OTR, Professor, Departments of Kinesiology and Neurology, Pennsylvania State University